Blog Series: Business lessons to learn from June 6th

Today is the 6th June an important day in history, in 1850 Levi Strauss made his first pair of blue jeans and in 1968 Bobby Kennedy was assassinated before he could become the 37th president of the USA therefore changing history and the way of life in America forever with Nixon becoming president.  

As momentous as these events are, one event stands head and shoulders above all others, as the 6th of June is best remembered for Operation Overlord or as its better known D-Day. 

D-Day is the largest seaborne invasion in history and lead to the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany control and ultimately to the end of the Second World War. D-Day was all about teamwork, it involved 12 countries and meticulous planning for nearly a year. The day itself was not a total success with only 2 of the 5 beaches targeted being secured however within a week all beaches were secured and the long term result of driving the Germans out of France was achieved by the end of August 1944.

From a sales perspective we can learn so much from this historic event and with the right planning and execution we can all achieve the goals that we are set as a team…….

As with any exercise, success is not guaranteed but with the right tactics and direction employed and executed to the letter then you can usually achieve that critical difference between success and failure.

First of all identify the beach you wish to land on       

You need to choose the right beach on which to launch your initial attack, based on the correct information rather than speculating on your ability to succeed. The best way to do this is to focus on a problem or issue facing your target market that needs addressing and is something that you can solve better and more effectively than anyone else with the correct proposition.

Getting your invasion force ready

Your invasion force, basically your people, products and services need to be market ready and competitive while solving the problems faced by your target market. This comes from the right kind of training and packages created by the company to enable you to succeed. This is a key for any organisation as failure to get this part right will probably involve, the failure of securing the beach you intended to land on.

Expanding further inland

Securing the beach and getting your invasion force is a start and required focus and discipline to achieve the desired advantage but to truly succeed you need to make inroads further inland. This is achieved by expanding into new territories and markets and by using the skills you had to secure the beach and now turning those skills into securing further territory.

We believe the lessons learned from 72 years ago are extremely useful, by intensively planning and executing the right products and services to the right marketplace, you can succeed in achieving your business goals by working as team through every department, ensuring the customer journey is a good one from start to finish.

Which is what we do here at True Telecom, by constantly looking at the marketplace for the right product mix, at the right price and getting the right people to deliver a great customer experience, which can help save our customers money while looking to improve their products and services, enabling them to grow as a business and see True Telecom as their trusted advisor.