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How To Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

Posted 18th July 2017

  What is a cyber attack? Cyber attacks are one of the fastest growing types of crime due to technological advancements that have inadvertently enabled hackers to roam the web free of an identity, and with lack of awareness around this issue there has been an increase of attacks to UK businesses. ‘46% of all… Read more »

Broadband speeds explained

Posted 3rd May 2017

When living and working in urban, sub-urban or rural areas around the UK, knowing what internet connection to expect can be difficult. In this article we have provided details of what can affect your internet connection and how this can be improved. Distance from the green cabinet and the exchange The strength of your internet… Read more »

What do successful businesses have in common?

Posted 12th April 2017

  Most successful businesses share similar traits that are key contributors to running a prosperous enterprise. At True Telecom we believe that by following the five practices listed below, you can help to guide your business to sustainable success. Company Culture Most successful businesses are heavily invested in their company culture. The culture of a business… Read more »

Ofcom plans to cut wholesale broadband prices by 40% in April 2018

Posted 3rd April 2017

  Ofcom have recently announced in their Wholesale Local Access Market Review plans to cut wholesale broadband prices to encourage greater investment in full-fibre networks and to promote competition from other providers. Jonathan Oxley, the Competition Group Director of Ofcom stated: “Our plans are designed to encourage long-term investment in future ultrafast, full-fibre networks, while… Read more »

True Telecoms response to the legal separation of Openreach

Posted 14th March 2017

In response to Ofcom’s recent statement a True Telecom representative has commented: “We have been long awaiting the legal separation of Openreach and are glad to hear that a pledge has been made to improve the UK’s telecommunication network. With this new agreement in place we hope to assist Openreach in delivering a better experience… Read more »

Tops Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Posted 8th March 2017

  Today we celebrate International Women’s Day at True Telecom! We like to support our entire team (male or female) with personal and professional development, and understand the unique set of challenges presented to female business owners, which is why we have embraced the #BeBoldForChange campaign and have produced an article with helpful advice for… Read more »