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As of 1 February 2018, all True Telecom customers have been acquired by Onecom. Please visit for details of how to get in touch with Onecom.

Embrace The Future

Phone lines are changing. Because the traditional ‘ISDN’ network will be switched off in 2025, smart businesses are using Internet connectivity instead. Why? Because it’s easier to manage, reliable, costs less and boosts efficiency. Isn’t it time you embraced the future too?

There are two options to choose from...

Hosted system

This revolutionary cloud-based technology is perfect for small businesses. It enables your team to use their business phones anywhere - whether they’re at home or overseas.

Every employee will be connected to the same network using great services like instant messaging and extension dialling. All the familiar features are included: call transfers, on hold music, conference calls, call divert, auto attendant, plus you can add hunt groups.

Voicemails, emails, SMS, video, fax and messaging are integrated seamlessly, plus you can easily add and remove users – ideal if you want to bring people on-board for certain projects. Hosted systems also provide mobile apps so it’s easy to arrange meetings and synchronise diaries.

This smart system lets you keep your existing number and grow your business without limitations. And once you’re at the forefront of technology you’ll stay there: your hosted system’s software will update continuously via the Internet.

What’s more, you’ll save money compared to your existing package. There are no large upfront costs for new equipment and your monthly line rental and call rates will be lower.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking offers the same benefits as the hosted system and more. Until now businesses needed one line or ‘trunk’ for their phone calls and another for Internet data. SIP trunking has changed all this. Now you only need one line for both.

Because everything is connected via web streaming, there are no physical wires from your service provider into your business phones. Long distance calls will become a thing of the past – every call is a local one – plus you can keep your number if you move office; area codes are no longer tied to your location.

SIP trunking is also resilient, makes it easy to manage customer calls, and you can tailor your package to suit your business’s needs. The result? You’ll boost efficiency and save on your line rental and call rates.

Your Fibre provider

To make the most of these cutting edge technologies, it’s vital to have a fast and reliable broadband connection. Our superfast fibre broadband will ensure quick download speeds and crystal clear sound quality.

The future is here now

Use your business phone anywhere
Connect your team to one flexible network
Voicemails, SMS, instant messaging and video integrated seamlessly
Add and remove users easily
Software updates every month
Improve customer experience
Boost your team’s efficiency
Save on line rental and call packages

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