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If you’re having problems please read our FAQs and troubleshooting guides. You’ll often find a solution there. 

To speak to someone don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 840 40 60. Remember we’re here for you whatever you need.

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Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions as most problems can be solved without contacting support.

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Please report faults by completing the form or emailing We’ll solve the problem as soon as humanly possible.

Broadband Problems

Having difficulties? Don’t worry. We’ll help you sort the problem.

If your broadband keeps disconnecting, try shutting your computer down, switching off the router at the mains, waiting for one minute, then turning everything on again. The next time you connect to the Internet the problems may have resolved.

If your connection remains unreliable, or you can’t get broadband at all, please read the checklist below:

Have you recently installed a new programme like antivirus software?

Check if your firewall rules have changed. This can prevent your computer from connecting to the Internet. Some computers require a restart after installing new programs and this could solve the connection problem.

Have you recently changed your wireless password?

Make sure you’ve entered your new password into all your wireless devices. Unfortunately they won’t update automatically.

Did you miss your last bill payment?

Missed payments sometimes result in service suspensions. Please contact our accounts team to solve the problem. If your suspension has been lifted it can take up to 24hrs to take effect. Contact our faults team if it takes any longer.

Check your computer network settings

If connecting to a domain or private network please ensure your logon details are correct. Also check the IP settings on your computer to ensure you’re connecting with your router properly.

Check there’s nothing interfering with your wireless signal

Anything with an electric motor that uses a large amount of power can cause interference. Please move your equipment further away from such devices and try connecting again. If none of the above helps, please try the following …

Try connecting to the Internet via a wired connection.

Find the Ethernet cable that came with your router. Plug one end into your router and the other into your computer’s network card. This will check whether the router is communicating with the Internet.

Talk to an expert

If you’re still having problems, please call our customer support team on 0800 840 40 60 to diagnose the problem. Please have your account information at hand and save your work in case they ask you to reset your computer.

Wireless Problems

If you’re having difficulties with your wireless broadband signal please take the following steps.

Check the location of your router
  • (a) Ensure your router is positioned away from anything that might cause interference e.g. Christmas trees, tinsel, and other wireless equipment like cordless phones.
  • (b) Connect the router to the master telephone socket where the phone line comes into your building
  • (c) Place your router in an open space like on a desk or a shelf. Don’t place it behind other objects or in a corner on the floor.
  • (d) Move your router away from fish tanks, water tanks and boilers – wireless signals can’t pass through water.

It’s also important to make sure your router is well ventilated. Overheating seriously impacts performance.

Adjust the wireless signal

Sometimes other wireless signals in the neighbourhood can affect your service. Plus the frequency of your router might not suit your particular building.

You can solve this problem by adjusting the ‘wireless channel’ you’re using. Simply phone technical support on 0800 840 40 60 and we’ll explain how.

Update your computer or mobile device software

If you’re receiving ‘local access only’ or ‘no Internet connection’ messages you might need to update your software. Try running ‘Windows Update’ by following these steps:

  • (a) Connect your laptop or PC to the router using an Ethernet cable
  • (b) Click on Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Update or Microsoft Update
  • (c) Restart your computer after each set of updates is installed

If you’re still having issues try visiting the manufacturer of your PC or laptop’s website. Click on the support section to see if there are any further updates available. Not all updates are available via Windows Update.

Mac/Android users should check ‘Software Update’ from their device’s settings menu to ensure they have the latest updates.

Talk to an expert

If the above measures don’t help, please call our customer support team on 0800 840 40 60. We may need to reset the router and wireless connection profile stored on your computer.